Is that really you? Thank you for stopping by again. That makes me very, very happy. When I think about writing another Leprechaun adventure, I always hope that my readers will enjoy the stories as much as I love writing them.

Forever Friends is the last book in the series and I must admit, I felt a little sad writing it. Sharing Mr. McAllister with the world has been so much fun. I’ve visited classrooms and have told the kids all about our friendship. You must admit… it’s been a little bit different than most!

As I was writing this book, I couldn’t help but think about all of the friends I’ve made throughout my life and how each one is just a little bit different. But, I guess that’s what makes life so interesting – lots of friends, or even just a few, who bring a special kind of joy to your world. Hopefully you bring that same happiness to theirs; friendship goes both ways, you know. And that’s what made Mr. McAllister and me such good buddies.

One thing I know for sure is that friendship, the really good kind, is a gift that lasts forever no matter how far apart you are or how many years go by. That’s what you’ll learn in this story. Of course, there are funny things that happen to Mr. McAllister too, and you’ll see he even gets a chance to discover how brave he actually is when he helps in a daring rescue.

More than anything, I hope the Leprechaun Adventure Series, and especially Forever Friends, will show my readers about kindness, trust, honesty and encouraging others to reach for the stars… even if it’s not so easy for you. Friends want the best for friends, and that’s what makes good friendships last forever.

There is a special little surprise at the end of Forever Friends! On the very last pages of the book you’ll find space to start planning your own story. And yes, I am giving you permission to write in the book, on those pages anyway!

Thank you for coming along with us on our adventures. It sure has been fun having you by our sides… just like good friends!