“I am now the keeper of the memories.”

Anthony wrote these words to me on the morning his wife passed away.  At the time, I thought that was the most heart-breaking statement I had ever heard. I could only imagine his sadness.

On November 28, 2014, I realized all too well, how it felt to say those words.  Anthony Chandor left this world, peacefully in the night, as the stars laid a path to Heaven. His life here with us was full of adventure, abundant with blessings and always, always, looked upon with gratitude. Although his challenges were many in his last years, there was never a whisper of self-pity from his lips – only witty words of wisdom, brilliant words of reflection, or humble words noting the little things. He knew that the “little things” were really the “big things” and he graciously acknowledged them every chance he had.

I will be forever grateful for the pocket of joy he brought to my life. Our chance meeting, our friendship, and the love we shared, have brought me to a place in my life that allows me to fully embrace all that this world has to offer. My journey with Anthony has been an experience many will never understand, but it has been a true gift to me. And although our daily emails came to an end after four years on November 28th, what we shared will never die.

I am now the keeper of the memories.

Rest in peace, my friend.